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The “Stiftung Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron”, DESY, is one of the world's leading accelerator centres for the investigation of the structure of matter with approximately 2,300 employees and the most advanced scientific, technical and administrative infrastructures. DESY develops, operates, and uses complex accelerators, detectors and observatories for photon science, particle and astroparticle physics.

The European XFEL is the world's largest X-ray laser. With its ultrashort X-ray flashes—27 000 times per second—and a peak brilliance a billion times higher than that of the best synchrotron X-ray radiation sources, the European XFEL will enable researchers from all over the world the investigation of still open scientific problems in a variety of disciplines (physics, structural biology, chemistry, planetary science, study of matter under extreme conditions and many others).


The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is one of 17 Department of Energy national labs. SLAC pushes the frontiers of human knowledge and drives discoveries that benefit humankind. They invent the tools that make those discoveries possible and share them with scientists all over the world.